This is What Happens When You Spend More Time With Nature

You probably already like getting outside and enjoying nature, but did you know that nature can also have some amazing health benefits? It's true! Check out our list and you'll find even more reasons to get out and enjoy the great outdoors.

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#1 Increase emotional well being
According to Alan C. Logan, a Naturopath at Harvard's School of Continuing Medical Education, studies have shown that spending time in nature can make people feel more empathy, compassion and happiness.

#2 Boost Your Immune System
Research has also shown that spending time in parks and natural spaces seems to increase immune system health. Scientists believe this may be because of phytonicides, an airborne chemical that plants emit that has some surprising side benefits for humans.

#3 Reduce Your Stress, And Your Blood Pressure!
A study of the Japanese practice of "Shinrin-Yoku," where individuals go to the forest for therapeutic purposes found that spending time around plants seemed to lower concentrations of the stress causing hormone cortisol and lower blood pressure.

#4 Improves Cognitive Function
Dr. Marc Berman of the University of Michigan conducted research that suggests that people can improve their performance on memory and attention tests by as much as 20% when walking in a natural environment. If they were walking on a busy city street, there was no change in performance.

You can come home to a more natural lifestyle at New Seaton. With plenty of parks and greenspace right in the community, you can benefit your health and happiness just by walking out your front door when you live here.

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